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Responses to soil pH gradients of inorganic phosphate solubilizing bacteria community

Bang-Xiao Zheng, Ding-Peng Zhang, Yu Wang, Xiu-Li Hao, Mohammed A. M. Wadaan, Wael N. Hozzin, Josep Peñuelas, Yong-Guan Zhu & Xiao-Ru Yang Scientific Reports volume 9, Article number: 25 (2019) | Download Citation Published: 10 January 2019 Soil pH is commonly considered a dominant factor affecting the function of microbiota. Few studies, however, have focused on communities of bacteria able to solubilize inorganic phosphate (iPSB), which are important for the mobilization of […]

Does this common food additive stop us exercising?

Iran Daily Wednesday, January 9, 2019 – 06:19 UTC -0500 510 mots  [Iran Daily] Inorganic phosphate is present in processed meat and cola. According to the latest statistics from the US Department of Health and Human Services, less than five percent of the country’s adult population engage in 30 minutes of physical activity every day, […]

5 Top Phosphate and Potash News Stories of 2018

Investing News Network Tuesday, January 1, 2019 – 19:45 UTC -0500 751 mots   Amanda Kay phosphate and potash news, the two commodities have had a good year. Potash prices enjoyed a small rebound in 2018, though they stayed far from heights seen in 2008. And with the world’s population continuing to grow, so too […]

Émergence d’une forte demande d’environnement sain

Kapitalis (réf. site web) - Kapitalis 31 décembre 2018 734 mots 31 Déc 2018 | 18:52 A LA UNE, ECONOMIE, SOCIETE, Tunisie A Sfax, Gabès, Gafsa et partout ailleurs en Tunisie, on manifeste contre les rejets industriels polluants. L’événement : sous une… Voir l’article Ce document référence un lien URL de site non hébergé par CEDROM-SNi.

Phosphate Outlook 2019: Supply Constraints to Bolster Prices

Investing News Network Monday, December 31, 2018 – 15:45 UTC -0500 1144 mots   Georgia Williams Although analysts expected a price decrease in the phosphate sector over 2018 the opposite actually occurred, and prices trended higher throughout the year. In fact, 2018 ended up being an eventful year for the phosphate market — most notable […]

Carrefour des lecteurs – Économie propre

Le Progrès week-end (Saguenay, QC), no. Vol. 2 n° 38 Chronique, samedi 29 décembre 2018 693 mots, p. 17 Réaction à l’éditorial de Denis Bouchard paru le 26 décembre, sous le titre « L’année des grands déchirements ». M. Denis Bouchard, Dans votre éditorial du 26 décembre dernier, vous remarquez la présence d’un discours d’opposition aux trois grands […]

Arianne prolonge ses facilités de crédit et conclu un prêt pour le financement de son projet

Canada NewsWire (français) Économie, jeudi 20 décembre 2018 – 07:30:00 UTC -0500 1257 mots   Arianne Phosphate Inc. DAN: TSX-V (Canada) JE9N: FSE (Germany) DRRSF: OTC (USA) SAGUENAY, QC, le 20 déc. 2018 /CNW Telbec/ - Arianne Phosphate (la « Société » ou « Arianne ») (TSXV: DAN) (FRANCFORT: JE9N) (OTC: DRRSF) , une société en stade de développement du projet de mine […]

Arianne Phosphate conclut une seconde entente formelle pour la vente de son concentré d’apatite

Canada NewsWire (français) Économie, jeudi 13 décembre 2018 – 07:30:00 UTC -0500 1218 mots   Arianne Phosphate Inc. DAN: TSX-V (Canada) JE9N: FSE (Germany) DRRSF: OTC (USA) -Cette entente augmentera la visibilité du concentré phosphaté de la société sur le marché mondial. SAGUENAY, QC, le 13 déc. 2018 /CNW Telbec/ - Arianne Phosphate (la « Société » ou « Arianne ») (TSXV: DAN) (FRANCFORT: JE9N) […]

Phosphates in Foods: The Hidden Dangers

GARMIN DECEMBER 12, 2018 By Anna-Lena Koopmann Almost everything that passes your lips contains artificial phosphates. We reveal how to spot them and why they are so harmful to your body. Phosphates are salts and esters of phosphoric acid and are not inherently evil or hazardous. Many foods contain natural phosphates, which are healthy and even […]

Phosphate Esters Market to hit $3bn by 2025: Global Market Insights, Inc.

Financial Services Monitor Worldwide Wednesday, December 12, 2018 1027 mots, p. NA   (GlobeNewswire) – The phosphate esters market is set to grow from $1.7 billion in 2017 to $3 billion by 2025, according to a 2018 Global Market Insights, Inc. report. The industry is witnessing steady growth from Asia Pacific and North America due to […]